10 Best gaming mouse for Fortnite

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Introduction about best gaming mouse for Fortnite

Since mice now benefit from several cutting-edge technologies and improvements, we can anticipate the best-value items on the market. The demand for the best gaming mouse for Fortnite or other games is growing along with the advancements in gaming mice.

We are looking for the most cutting-edge, reasonably priced wired and wireless gaming mouse that can perform every kind of activity a gamer would require. A standard mouse can be used to play games, but it is not as convenient as a mouse designed specifically for gaming.

Since gaming mice have specific buttons, users can use those to manage their games like a pro. To play the games, you wish to play, you must be sure the mouse you use has proper key features. We have put up a list of the best gaming mouse for big hands and professional-level games.

But before we jump ahead to the list, we take a look at wired and wireless mice and their pros and cons.

Wired vs Wireless mouse:


Given that they are plug-and-play devices, wired mice are easy to use. Your mouse will operate after simply plugging the cable into a USB port. A wired mouse is a wonderful option for individuals who want to start playing with minimal fuss because they don’t require batteries or worry about losing the wireless transmitter.

Because they require less gear to operate, wired mice are always less expensive than their wireless counterparts. A wired mouse will be more steady than a wireless one because it is physically attached to your computer. They are now included in the list of best gaming mice for Fortnite. There is no possibility of interference from other electronics, so unless your mouse is destroyed, you won’t ever have to fear it losing connectivity.

  • Better for the gaming experience
  • The battery is not needed
  • Faster response time and better accuracy
  • Preferred by gaming lovers.
  • Limited distance to use
  • Durability is lower than wireless
  • Not Much Comfortable

The cable is the biggest disadvantage of a wired mouse. Unwanted friction and cable drag can make using the mouse irritating and affect how quickly you can react when playing games. It is important to keep in mind that a cable can create resistance during gaming.

If you travel regularly, a wired mouse is not a smart choice because it can snag and become twisted in the process.

The distance you can sit from your PC when using a wired mouse depends on the cable’s length.


In comparison to a wired mouse, a wireless mouse is more practical. There are no cables to mess up in your suitcase or dangle over your desk while using a compact, wireless mouse. Nowadays, wireless technology is so advanced that even professional gamers who play competitively pick it over cable alternatives.

They can deliver the appropriate outcomes for the best Fortnite gaming mouse experience, enabling you to shoot the proper shot. Even for expert players, there is no discernible difference in latency between a top-tier wired and wireless mouse.

  • Lower chance of your mouse snagging on something
  • freedom of movement and easier management.
  • Easier to transport
  • Better range of movement
  • High bit rate
  • Interference is an issue
  • The design is somewhat heavy due to the battery

Rechargeable batteries are used in certain wireless mice whereas replaceable batteries are used in others. Whatever option you pick, there’s a chance the batteries will run out while you play. But when a wireless mouse fails unexpectedly and you can’t find replacement batteries fast away, it becomes a headache.

Wireless gaming mice are always more expensive than those that are wired. Operating a large mouse all day could seem a little awkward. Moreover, wireless gaming mice gain weight when batteries are used.

Given the limited number of powers and buttons you have to use, Fortnite is a straightforward game. It does help to have a mouse with a few side buttons because you need to be able to construct quickly and switch weaponry quickly.

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Let’s take a look at the best gaming mice in 2022:

1)G502 Hero Wireless

The G502 is one of Logitech’s top-notch products, and the brand is quite trustworthy. It has variable weights that you may move to your desire and is fairly large, which makes it easy to handle. The Logitech G502 is the only mouse you need to consider if you’re looking for one with a huge amount of customization options that also performs exceptionally well in FPS situations.

With its extensive Lightspeed wireless connections, it guarantees that you never lose connection and that latency is kept to a minimum, which will be crucial in scenarios where every millisecond counts.

With the G502, Logitech devoted close attention to the little details. The microswitches, braided cable, and cushioned grips all contribute to a relaxing gaming experience. It is one of the best gaming mice available and is elegant and extremely refined.

best gaming mouse for Fortnite
best gaming mouse for Fortnite

This mouse is the most recent model in a history of successful products made to be versatile enough to handle anything you throw at them. Its right-handed enchanting design with thumb support and a total of 12 customizable buttons makes it ideal for games with intricate controls, such as MMOs or MOBAs.

2)Razer Viper

 The Viper, Razer’s take on Logitech’s Light-speed technology, is just as quick as the best cable mice. It lacks wireless connectivity and isn’t the lightest model on the market. But at a firmly mid-range price, it delivers the best absolute performance currently on the market.

You may re-center mid-game without your cursor going missing because it uses a 20K optical sensor with configurable lift-off and landing settings. Larger polling rates result in slightly better latency and significantly smoother mouse movements.

It is a great alternative for right- or left-handed gamers because of its compact design, symmetrical form, and pair of side buttons on each side. Although its cable is a little bit thicker than those of the other models in the family, it is still just as lightweight and flexible.

Improved grade PTFE feet that glide surprisingly smoothly on both hard and soft mousepads and surfaces is the feature of this mouse.

best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

3)Razer DeathAdder

It does include a wire, but Razer’s revolutionary Speedflex cable design assures that the cord won’t get in the way no matter how quickly you need to flick the mouse around the pad. When it comes to gaming mice, DeathAdder has been around for a while. It has gone through several revisions by this point, and the most recent one hits all the right notes.

best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

It has a slim black body that fits well in your hand, and the familiar Razer serpent symbol is shown on the front. To maintain a secure grip, the DeathAdder incorporates a rubberized scroll wheel and rubber side grips. Additionally, the Razer DeathAdder features 50g acceleration and 450 IPS. If you’re on a tight budget, you’re set to go because it has an impeccable sensor and functionality.

4)Logitech G PRO

The G Pro Wireless is indeed an excellent gaming mouse. If you have the money, this is a great mouse that should work with a wide range of grip styles and hand sizes. The G Pro battery is also excellent for getting you through 40 hours of nonstop Fortnite violence. The G Pro operates at synapse speed, which means there are no wires or delays to slow you down.

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A wireless version of the Logitech G Pro is also available, including an incredibly quick 1-millisecond report rate connection. It is also incredibly lightweight, weighing only 80 grams. Going wireless is a terrific experience, and it’s much better if you can do it with a wonderful mouse, which is precisely what the G Pro Wireless is giving in this case.

best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

This mouse offers all the functionality you could need to succeed in both casual and competitive battles. You can count on sharpshooting every time thanks to the incredible precision and dependability of the 1-millisecond report rate. A welcome change from the world of too hostile and vibrant light-up mice is the design’s simplicity.

5)Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a piece of equipment of the highest caliber and efficiency that not only offers the utmost comfort but is also extremely adaptable to offer the best gaming experience.

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With a click, scroll through as many as five DPI settings. You can see whatever setting you are on thanks to three DPI indicator lights. Use the default settings, which are perfect right out of the box, or customize these DPI settings with Logitech Gaming Software (LGS).

best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best gaming mouse for Fortnite-techreviewsonline.net


6) SteelSeries Sensei 310

For players who take E-sports seriously, it has a 1-to-1 Esports Sensor that guarantees maximum accuracy. Additionally, because it is versatile, gamers may handle it comfortably with both hands. The innovative split-trigger design and ergonomic grip are likely to improve your gaming experience. Additionally, you may adjust the lighting to the exact hue with two-zone Prism RGB illumination!

best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

The mouse precisely traces the same distance traveled on the mousepad as on the screen thanks to the onboard zero-hardware acceleration. There is essentially no response time delay or stability error when utilizing it because of its incredible stability. It is the greatest gaming mouse for Fortnite because of its small weight and incredible quickness.

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7)Glorious Model D

Your FPS gaming experience can be greatly enhanced with a lightweight mouse, and you may never want to use a “normal” mouse again. Due to its 2.15-ounce weight and ergonomic design, which fits righties with a palm or claw grip as well as smaller hands, the Glorious Model D is the greatest gaming mouse for first-person shooter games. We bundled a comprehensive range of ultra-premium features into an extremely light, ergonomic frame, which is designed for speed, control, and comfort. Welcome to the next phase of competitive gaming in e-sports.

best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

While playing, you won’t even notice the perforations, yet they provide airflow to keep your palms cool and fresh. The Model D is simple to maintain; all you need is an air container for cleaning. You can obtain a mouse with excellent PTFE feet that move almost effortlessly if you can get past the dubious Glorious branding.

8)Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse

The mouse has a highly sleek appearance and a smooth but gripping surface. It is plump toward the left and back and covered with matte paint. The G600 is a highly adaptable mouse that fits with all of your professional equipment since it has programmable lighting panels, scalable DPI levels, and unique button assignments.

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.The mouse’s thumb panel buttons are lighted by configurable multi-color LEDs that may be programmed to emit any color you like. The brightness and white/black levels can be adjusted.

best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

Expect to have a lightning-quick response time and be able to build, fire, and move about with ease. The three massive major buttons can withstand 20 million clicks each, making them well-suited to handle the demanding repetitive pressure that gamers will apply to them. For quick and simple no-look navigation, the G600 thumb panel has been painstakingly created.

9)Corsair Sabre RGB Pro

Most users of the Sabre RGB Pro will feel completely at home using it because of its timeless style and shape. Another great advantage for gamers is the subtle and elegant RGB implementation. Its maximum DPI of 26,000 offers you a wide range of sensitivity options, even though most gamers won’t likely need to go that high. Get yourself the SABRE RGB PRO, a compact, a highly competitive gaming mouse with super-duper QUICKSTRIKE buttons and a stretchy paracord cable that reduces cable drag.

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best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

Your clicks, bullets, and spells will be executed more quickly than ever thanks to the spring-loaded construction of the buttons, which leaves no space between the main mouse buttons and their switches. With no space between the main mouse buttons and their OMRON switches thanks to the utilization of springs and metal joints, each click is made with exceptional speed, sensitivity, and reliability.

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10)Razer Basilisk V3

With the new Razer Basilisk V3, the ultimate flexible gaming mouse for personalized performance, you can design, manage, and execute your preferred playstyle. With an upgraded sensor that precisely tracks your movement with no rollovers, you can enjoy responsively, dot aim.

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Utilize a customizable button on the mouse’s underside to quickly swap between any of your custom button profiles for optimum performance in all games and tasks. It is a modern, fully equipped gaming mouse with three side buttons on the left, a right-handed design with thumb rest, and a sturdy, matte plastic housing.

best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net
best budget gaming mouse for fortnite-techreviewsonline.net

All grip styles and the majority of hand sizes can use it, but small hands could find it difficult to comfortably reach the sniper button with a claw or fingertip grip. The best-notched scrolling for switching among weapons or skills is high-precision and unmistakable. Its elegant sensor precisely and accurately monitors your movement without any smoothing, enabling quick responses and pixel-perfect accuracy.

Final thoughts about the best mice for Fortnite

 With the addition of the Battle Royale game mode, Fortnite has caught the attention of many players, and its fame has increased, making it a blockbuster in the gaming world. Everyone wants to make sure they have the best setup possible to avoid being let down by a poor mouse that doesn’t perform well when they get into a killing war.

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Whether you’re a newbie who is brand-new to the gaming world or a pro who has a different level of enthusiasm for gaming, you’ll need strong equipment to support your battles to play your best game. Using a gaming mouse has several benefits over using a standard mouse because it is made for competitive gamers If you want a gadget that is more comfortable, more robust, has greater functionality and is tuned for gaming performance, gaming mice can be a fantastic purchase.

What it would be like to choose the best FPS mouse for gaming?

To make things a bit simpler, we have included a list of gaming mice that are ideal for crushing that Fortnite battle and are commonly used by pro players. Choosing a mouse for your gaming needs depends on your particular preferences. The best mouse for Fortnite will probably be very light, have a high DPI sensor, and be ergonomically designed for comfort, speed, and accuracy. Some gaming mice feature adjustable weight, while others allow ambidextrous support or are ergonomic for one hand.

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